About Us

T&H Nameplate is a Manufacturer of Metal & Plastic & Paper Tags, Nameplates,Signs, Labels & Safety ID Products. 

T&H Manufacturing is the source for metal and plastic identification tags, nameplates, decals and signs. Our identification products come in a variety of materials from common metals like stainless steel, aluminum and brass to special plastics and paper, like Tyvek. Embossing, stamping and engraving are also options available for all of our products.In addition to ID tags and plates. 

Our company goals are simple: Deliver quality, China-made identification products in a timely manner at a competitive price. 

We located in Longgang Town, Wenzhou City,  China.  And we've more than 20 years manufacturing & export experience since 1994.

We know many companies are looking for trusted industry partners. With 2 decades of experience, you can rely on our service and delivery. Count on T&H Nameplate Company to eliminate your pain points and provide affordable and high-quality custom products every time.

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